Ngan Hoang specializes in processing all types of import and export across all regions of the country. In harmony with customs staff, we handle shipments at both ends of importation smoothly and complete..

Having experienced many import-export activities together with a good understanding of local regulations, Ngan Hoang diversified the type of work that helps customers to boost sales and save time and money. ..

Not only providing customs services, we provide our customers with all services such as freight forwarding, warehousing, loading and unloading, packaging, shipping to customer warehouses, customs clearance Import and export of goods and personal goods of foreigners to work in Vietnam, Application for export and import of goods, certificate of origin, certificate of plant quarantine, certificate of food safety For health, buy insurance goods.


Experience the best service at the lowest cost. - Not pay staff, fixed assets, tools, cheap perishable items, stationary ... - Only bear the cost when the import-export operation.

  • Customs Service Import

- Enter the business.

- Enter non-trade.

- Import processing.

- Import Export

- Enter the Export Processing Zone

- Temporary import for re-export

  • Export Customs Service

- Business.

- Export of Non-Trade.

- Export Processing

- Export Production Export.

- Export to Export Processing Zone.

- Temporary export for re-import.


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