Ngan Hoang Co., Ltd specializes in the transportation of goods of all kinds of goods at the request of customers by truck, container truck, tractor ...
Customers will feel really comfortable when using the North-South transportation service of the Ngan Hoang, because we own a large number of from small trucks to large trucks running long routes, especially We have schedules for daily shuttle service to ensure that the small orders are delivered with the fastest time.

The products and services mainly road transport:

  • Transportation of cargo by truck with all the weight, size, empty container often - frozen from Ho Chi Minh to the provinces and vice versa
  • Transporting prestigious transplant.
  • Senior transport machine building.
  • Transporting ensure fresh goods.
  • Safe transport of liquid goods.
  • Transporting goods yen oversized cargo, overweight.
  • Professional shipping bulk cargo, general cargo, containers, special equipment line with travel points, depending on customer requirements.
  • In addition, we also transport goods paints, fibers, lubricants, ...

Ngan Hoang Co., commitment to customers:

  • Gives you the shipping service professional.
  • Competitive price and the cheapest.
  • Responsible for any damage caused by errors from the garage.
  • Safe, no loss of cargo.
  • Consultants dedicated, enthusiastic for the customer needs.
  • Quickly - Prestige - Exactly.

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