The shipping service routes that Ngan Hoang Company provides?

Ngan Hoang Company is strong in freight forwarding by trucks, container trucks in Ho Chi Minh City / Binh Duong / Dong Nai / Tay Ninh / Binh Phuoc … to northern provinces and vice versa. We provide professional road freight services for FCL (Full Container) and LCL (Retail).


Schedule and time of shipment?

Ngan Hoang always comes in both directions in both directions, with a standard journey time of 55 hours. We always have spare vehicles in case of incidents and commit to always deliver on time.

What is the minimum commodity weight that the Ngan Hoang Company receives (kg / cbm)?

Ngan Hoang Company is not limited to the minimum weight of 1 shipment, we will advise you the most reasonable and economical transportation solution. For consol, we will limit the item to 250kg / order, equivalent to 1 cbm.

How to calculate the actual weight (kg) or volume (cbm) of the shipment?

According to the shipping industry, the Ngan Huang Company will charge a shipment based on the weight converted from the volume (cbm) or net weight (kg), whichever is greater. the provincial. The conversion rate is 1 cbm (cubic) = 250kgs

We have special requirements for cargo loading, can the Gold Coast meet?

Depending on the nature of the goods, our shipping specialists will advise our customers on the right solutions, we have specialized equipment and solutions specific to the different product groups.

We want to apply the COD, whether the Ngan Hoang Company applies?

We apply a COD policy.

Our goods are electronic goods, whether the transportation by road is appropriate?

The Nimbus company’s trailers and tractors are equipped with air spring damper technology for shock protection and we are proud to be the chosen transportation unit for many years in the Sony Group. Vietnam, Samsung, DHL, Damco, … in the

Our company needs to send goods to the provinces, who do I contact for information?

When you have the need to send goods, please call to hotline: 0909 343 500 or email: