Sea transport

Shipping is relatively early in comparison with other modes of transport. As early as the 5th century BC, people have learned to take advantage of the sea as transportation routes to exchange regions, countries together in the world. So far, shipping has grown rapidly and has become a modern transportation industry in the international transportation system

As one of the leading freight forwarders, Ngan Hoang is committed to providing diversified sea freight forwarding services with the best quality. For us, no location is impossible.

With a strong dealer network, Ngan Hoang's ocean freight forwarding services are constantly evolving and improving. Our brand has been widespread.

Major shipping products and services:

  • Provide customers with export and import services by sea from Vietnam to all over the world and vice versa (FCL and FCL)
  • Quality of service is guaranteed by direct routes through a long established and reputable dealer network.
  • Competitive prices and fastest delivery times, always associated with carrier liability insurance.
  • Providing import service from all over the world to Vietnam (especially from China market).
  • Container Goods Service (FCL / FCL) at competitive prices.
  • Door to door services
  • Support services (ADD-SERVICES)

- Delivery with EXW or DDU / DDP conditions.

- Door / Door dealings and House / Office services remove.

- Quick delivery of samples through DHL system.

We are always available to assist you with any queries and details you may have regarding our trucking services.

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